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Spill kits

Spill Kits

Spill kits

Spill kits

We are to launch a range of spill response kits that will be sold through our merchant customers to contractors and businesses involved in the heating industry.

These kits provide all the necessary equipment to contain a spill of either fuel oil or maintenance fluids should this occur.
All companies have a duty and responsibility to ensure that their actions don’t cause damage to the environment and both oil and mechanical fluids if spilt must be contained and cleaned up as soon as possible.

The kits that we are making available are fully transportable and therefore can be carried in the contractors vans or stored in areas where there is a risk to spillage of oil.

The models we are to provide are listed below:

15L Oil Spill response kit G28896Q

30L Oil Spill response kit G28897R

15L Maintenance Spill response kit G28898S

30L Maintenance Spill response kit G28899T

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