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HVO – Is this the Future of Oil Heating ?

HVO – Is this the Future of Oil Heating ?

HVO – Is this the Future of Oil Heating ?

HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil), is made from sustainable raw materials, such as vegetable oil, used cooking oils and fats and has been a certified as a net zero carbon fuel. Tests have demonstrated that HVO can be used in both new and existing heating systems using kerosene and diesel with only minor modifications.

With approximately 1.1 million homes in the UK have an oil fired heating system, which accounts for around 25% of all ‘off-grid’ properties there is a clear opportunity to reduce the carbon emissions from these existing oil fired equipment.

HVO is currently available in the UK with more and more fuel providers offering this cleaner alternative, as demand grows the cost of the fuel will inevitably come down making it an even more attractive alternative to kerosene.

The Enertech Group has recognised this opportunity and have already tested and approved appliances to operate on HVO. These burners are offered in the range of outputs from 14 through to 200kW therefore covering all small and larger residential properties.

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