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NGN, XGN, RGN & STG Gas Burner Training

NGN, XGN, RGN & STG Gas Burner Training

NGN, XGN, RGN and STG Gas Burner Training Course

Commissioning, Maintenance and Service of N, X, R Series and ST Gas Burners.

Course: “G2”
Length: 2 days

This course provides detailed information and hands on experience of our older N, X, R Series and STG Gas Burners. It also covers theory on different control systems, boiler types and the use of appropriate spares. Practical elements of this course include commissioning, servicing and fault finding.


The course is a balance of lectures and practical work to demonstrate the following-

Gases – Make- up and characteristics

Combustion Process – Efficiency targets
Importance of Combustion Test Equipment

Gas Burners – Systems, Air Control, Gas Valves, On/Off – High/Low Modulation, Performance, Burner Heads and Mixing.
Burner Controls and Safety Devices, Electrical Requirements
Forced Draught Gas Burner Standards.

Selection of Burners – Boiler types and characteristics, Resistances and Efficiencies.
Commissioning – Safety Checks
On/Off and High/Low Burners
Efficiency Checks
Use of Flue Gas Analyser Equipment

Fault Finding – Methodical Approach
Importance of Safety Aspect
Use of appropriate spares
Installation Problems/Solutions

Click on the link for the Course Registration Form: https://www.nu-way.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Training-Reg-Form.doc

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