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MOL & ST Oil Burner Training

MOL & ST Oil Burner Training

MOL & ST Oil Burner Training Course

Commissioning, Maintenance and Service of M Series and ST Oil Burners.

Course: O1
Length: 2 days

This course offers you the chance to learn about the controls we use in the current range of MOL and ST burners, how to service them, combustion analysis on oil, and understanding the reasoning behind nozzle calculation/selection.


This course is a balance of lectures and practical work to demonstrate the following:

Oil – Class C & D – Grades, Make-up and Characteristics

Combustion Process – Efficiency targets
Importance of Combustion Test Equipment

Oil Burners – Systems, Air Control, Pimps, On/Off – High/Low and Modulating, Performance, Burner heads and Mixing.
Burner Controls and Safety Devices, Electrical Requirements, Oil Burner Standards.

Selection of Burners – Boiler types and characteristics, Resistances, Efficiencies.

Oil Supply – Storage
Use of Single and 2-Pipe Systems

Residual Fuels – Summary of operation only, including oil supply requirements and burner heads

Commissioning – Safety Checks
On/Off and High/Low Burners
Efficiency Checks
Use of Flue Gas Analyser Equipment

Fault Finding – Methodical Approach
Importance of Safety Aspect
Use of appropriate spares
Installation Problems / Solutions

Click on the link for the Course Registration Form: https://www.nu-way.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Training-Reg-Form.doc

Course Dates:

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