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Nu-way heats up the Incinerator market

Nu-way heats up the Incinerator market

Nu-way have for many years provided products that not only serve the heating industry but also the process sector. These products are specifically designed to operate in environments that are completely different to those in the heating sector. A range of factors need to be considered when selecting a burner for a process application in particular the air velocity, the operating temperature and the process operation.

Nu-way has developed a wide range of burners designed specifically for these non-heating applications and examples of these can be found across the world providing reliable and efficient operation.

One such example is the incinerator market where Nu-way have been working with OBE Waste in providing burners for use in their range of incinerator equipment

For more information on the Process range contact our team 01905 794331 (option 1) or contact us through the web site.

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