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Nu-way design and manufacture combustion equipment that can be used across a wide range of different applications and industries and we have a product to suit them all.


For all types of greenhouses and grain dryer applications we have a burner model to suit. The Nu-way burner can be customised to the specific application ensuring that the maximum performance is achieved.


Where drying of paper products or the removal of moisture is required Nu-way has a product that will work in most applications. Fuel flexibility and a range of different model types to suit each application.


Whether its oven drying or other processes related to the automotive industry where controlled heat is required Nu-way is able to assist with a burner product to suit even the most complicated process.


A wide variety of application that often require specialist equipment. From the preparation of aggregates to the mobile management of asphalt Nu-way can provide a comprehensive range of solutions.

Food Industry

Across numerous applications where ovens are used in the preparation of food products, we have a range of products that can provide the tight controls required to ensure the perfect finished products.

Glass & ceramics

The production of glass and ceramics requires controlled heat within a wide range of oven types. Nu-way can provide a modern solution to the production of glass and ceramic products.


A wide range of burners suitable for all heating applications from domestic through to the largest Industrial equipment. The Nu-way burner range is suitable for both hot water and steam applications.


Where reliable heat is required in the production of alcohol and temperature control is paramount Nu-way have a range of burners designed to suit the application.

Petrochemical & chemical

Where safety critical operation is paramount, we can supply a number of technical solutions suitable for steam generation and specifically designed in Atex rated applications.


In applications where steam generation is required to clean or dry clothes fabrics or fibres we can supply a wide range of burner solutions that can match the operation of the plant.

Waste & incineration

Where incineration of a wide number of products is required and heat from a burner is needed to ensure safe and efficient combustion Nu-way has a number of specialist products suitable for these applications.

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